PEEPING-T, a true advocate for beautiful swimwear and lingerie was founded in 2006 by Emma John-Francis. All designers featured on PEEPING-T are luxurious and high-end brands whose mission is to make the body beautiful and the wearer feel ultra special. We are in a nutshell one of the best retail destination of luxury designer swimwear, beachwear, lingerie and bikini shopping. We understand that when you go on holiday you want to stand out from the crowd, so we have curated a selection of stunning designer swimwear and designer bikinis for you to shop 24/7.

Our bikinis online cater for all ages with the emphasis on providing luxury swimwear perfect for women who enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you’re looking for a strong, sophisticated bathing suit, a creative cut-out one piece or, sensuous designer bikini, you are sure to find your perfect bikini or swimsuit. PEEPING-T is all about feeling good in your own skin, the bikinis and swimsuits you wear is just the icing on the beautiful cake.

How to Shop Our Bikinis Online

Our bikini shop section is great for those die-hard fans where only bikinis will do. Our range of bikinis online are carefully selected by us for you; from bestselling brands like Blue Life, Beach Bunny and Marysia to ultra-cool labels including Minimale Animale. Our selection of high-quality, luxury designer swimwear and designer bikinis online, are exclusively sourced by PEEPING-T where we guarantee to make you feel confident whether you are lounging by the pool or soaking up the rays on the beach.

Designer Swimsuits

We are lucky to work with some of the most influential designer swimwear brands to provide you with some insta-worthy swimwear brands. To help you shop styles right for you, why not head over to our  Edits page to get some inspiration, our if you have a fav swimwear brand go to 'Designers' on our navigation bar and search for your favourite designer swimwear brand.

Beachwear & Resort wear

To complete your holiday look, we also stock an array of beachwear and resort wear for those short weekend spa breaks to those longer and much needed getaways. If you require some inspiration from our resort wear range check out our holiday capsules in The Edits section of must have ‘beachwear to boardroom’ looks so you really get your money’s worth!


You can be assured that at PEEPING-T our collection of luxury lingerie is always on trend. We know that every fashion-forward female needs to feel fabulous with or without clothes! One of our personal favourite brands representing this season is Else Lingerie; the Turkish Delight of designer lingerie is available to buy from B to E cup sizes using the finest lace.