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Whatever happened to Crystal Jin?

So since starting my company PEEPING-T in 2006-07 I have seen a rise and fall of swimwear sites similar to mine. First and foremost it has gotten so much harder to create an online presence and be completely unique in order to drive customers to your site. If you are like me frustrated but still excited/motivated about your future and finding more ways to push you and your business then lets talk! 

But this blog post is not about me, its about a swimwear designer that I fell in love with back in 2010 whilst still finding my feet in the swimwear industry. The swimwear brand was called Crystal Jin. Everything about that 2010/11 collection sent me in overdrive where I didn't even bother to fully research the brand, I just knew I had to stock them.  Their collection was stunning, classic, timeless, sexy, think circa studio 54 vibe swimsuits. I mean, I was completely and utterly obsessed, and yes I still am.

Its not that often as buyers you can see a collection and know without a doubt this brand will do amazing.  The only other time I felt like that was during the same year funnily enough with Charlie by Matthew Zink's debut swimwear collection. But back to Crystal Jin swimwear; there was something organically refreshing that I had not seen before. You must understand during this period brands like Vix and Melissa Odabash literally saturated the swimwear market with their brands, and competition to sell the same designers and styles was proving pointless. That is why even today I strive to find new and upcoming brands that I know will have a great run here at PEEPING-T and of course having a brand that not everyone stocks certainly makes things easier. 

So Crystal Jin was perfect, the brains behind the brand was Manhattan based designer Crystal Eley. Eley’s passion was to create casual-glam ready-to-wear reinvented as beachwear. Crystal Jin's collection ran for two seasons, but their biggest season was most certainly their 2010/11 swimwear collection. This collection was presented at Miami Swim week July of 2010, back when Mercedes Benz sponsored the main shows and was one of, if not the most talked about runway show for good reason - see images below . I was so excited when they replied back to me after requesting to stock their collection. So it came as a shock that in fact due to some licensing laws in the US, I was not permitted as a UK stockist to buy from their collection, so the order was cancelled. Alas everything  happens for a reason (heavy sigh).

Even though we could not stock their brand I knew this swimwear designer held so much promise and watching whilst all the major and small American swimwear sites take on this brand only made me sadder!  It wasn't until 2012 when I was contacted by a member of the team informing me that they had finally sorted out the licensing (hooray!) and that they would love to work with me,  however the next collection never materialised and now almost seven years on, I am still scratching my head and asking, whatever happened to Crystal Jin??

Crystal Jin Swimwear Collection - Miami Swim Runway Show 2010. Images courtesy of Fraser Harrison