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Who, Where, What - Marysia Scallop Bikinis

If you don't know Marysia by name you will by design. Marysia Swimwear are famous for their scallop bikini designs which you may have seen on numerous celebrities which then leads to our high street stores to copy (surprised, not surprised!). But we at PEEPING-T know where it started first, and how luxurious these bikinis actually are. You see even if you get the imitation its the quality of the Marysia Antibes bikinis that gets me every time. These bikinis are made from textured nylon and lycra and so soft on the skin even when wet. You can just feel luxury quality with its breathable material and the way  both the bikini top and bottoms are structured to fit the body is classy and flattering, both things I strive for even in my normal work clothes! 

It's nice to finally have something in common with celebrities who share my love for Maryisa, I bought all four styles on my recent holiday to Dominica. Even my customers are on onboard with Marysia in spite of the price tag, cause as you can probably tell these are no birdie items (cheap, cheap, cheap) :) 

So just for you, here are the visuals in case you don't or did not have time to read my blurb.. I mean blog!!


All images courtesy of Marisa and Vogue AU
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