Boy Smells

Boy Smells Cedar Stack Candle 8.8 oz

£ 32

Boy Smell Notes: Woodsy, masculine, medium bodied, warm

To all the log cabin owners and those who want to own one, this is for you! Cedarwood chips and dried tobacco are slightly smoked with bay leaf and crushed peppercorn to create a warm, woodsy smell. Log cabin living. 

Scent Notes: Cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust, and white musk 
Strength: Medium

  • Approximate Burn Time: 55hrs
  • Candle is cased in glossy black reusable glass vessel.
  • Wax: Beeswax & Coconut  | Wick: Cotton
  • Presented in the Boy Smells pink embossed box.
  • Packaging concept was conceived "beyond the gender binary" to embrace both masculine and feminine sides.
  • 8.8 ounces (243g). 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall

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